Monday, June 13, 2022

Yoga For Public Speaking


Yoga for Public Speaking :

An embodied approach to mastering your onstage presence

Professional speaking coach and yoga teacher Margie Newman guides you through breath, movement, and meditation techniques to improve your onstage presence, face your fears, and deliver your best. Includes strategies to deal with "in the moment" nerves as you take stage as well as ways to become a more calm and confident speaker over time.

Yoga for Public Speaking (Y4PS) addresses onstage presence through a new lens, based on an ancient tradition. Using yoga-inspired techniques to rewire your nervous system, you can improve your public speaking presence, build confidence, and manage the most common public speaking challenges, including performance anxiety.

Connect with what’s happening in your mind, body, and spirit, and learn simple yogic strategies – breath, meditation, and movement – to self-regulate your nervous system and regain control. While these practices are grounded in ancient traditions, they are backed up by modern neuroscience and presented in a practical, easy-to-implement set of skills and techniques.

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